jueves, 3 de julio de 2014

L´Infer d´henri-Georges Clouzot or Thank You Pictureplane

During the past couple of days, I had been having the feeling, that I was doing too much work on the computer. Then a discovery of this calibre, just makes me bless this Cyber Archive of Alexandria.
Just this morning, I was preparing Uahuahuah???´s next radio show i.e. selecting the chill wave acts to be aired in a week´s time, and on checking out their aesthetic references, Picture Plane bridges me on to this fantastic unfinished film. L´infer d´henri-Georges Clouzot although unfinished can be discovered and enjoyed in Serge Stromberg´s 2009 documentary.

While scrolling up and down the pics have a listen to Pictureplane

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MIS PAPELICOS Sacramento dijo...

Always brilliant!!!
Please delete Word verification!!!

Dayton uahuahuah dijo...

you´re right!!! how do you do that???