miércoles, 23 de julio de 2014


Inspired by your DIYs, I spontaneously decided to pump up this T-Shirt pyjama by sewing on a couple of Japanese pieces of fabric. I also realised that it worked better by wearing it back to front! Now I have a great summer dress to wear in different fun home settings!!! Play, play, play!!!
Kim is wearing: A Baumhüter pyjama.
Oh! Don,t miss our video!!! 
Lots of love

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MIS PAPELICOS Sacramento dijo...


Kim uahuahuah dijo...

Thank youuuuuu!!! Share-in-Style is a great platform for experimenting!!!

Jazzy Jack dijo...

So cool! Love the backwards dress. In the first shot the shaft of light looks like a sword. Samurai? Continuing the Japanese theme? XO JJ

Kim uahuahuah dijo...

hehehehehehehe!!! Absolutely!!! We loved the idea of the light as a weapon!!!