domingo, 27 de julio de 2014

The Armchair Sessions III: Geometric lines print and purrp

Again, for session III, the armchair offered itself wonderfully to us as a great reference object, the perfect element to work with! Brown, mobile (on wheels), and by the look of it, gone through a bit in its lifetime.
Kim is wearing: Jean shorts (no brand from a flea market in Berlin); A purrp geometric lines top (Vintage Mallani); Purrp tights (funny enough, new from a flea market in Andalusia); Collar necklace (Turkish clothing shop in Berlin); Brown patent leather shoes (Tupage).
Oh!!! And the pink stuff on my head is, as probably a couple of you have guessed, a pair of pink tights.
I used to love to make headbands out of old colourful tights as a kid.  
Have a great Sunday and a fantastic start to the week!
Take care


2 comentarios:

Vix dijo...

Loving the armchair sessions. That blouse is fantastic especially topped with that blingy collar! xxx

Kim uahuahuah dijo...

thanks so much!!! yeah...the blingy collar is magic!